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11/4/11: Decided to post this in the Daily gallery. It is not my image but I inherited rights to it when the photographer died, and I did the post processing. Her name was Pam Chambers. She was a wonderful person and I miss her very much. Here is a link to some of her shots:

I am still without power, and I haven't had a chance to attempt to recover my hard drive yet. Hoping to get some back, but willing to move forward if I can't. Just having a hard time getting motivated to shoot while I have no power (or heat) in my house.

Thank you all for your kind comments. Being without power sucks, but I count myself lucky when I travel through my neighborhood. We were the worst in the city affected by the tornado and now the worst in the city affected by the snow storm. It just doesn't seem to end. It really makes you want to cry. I can't even take pictures this time. It just looks like the sky opened up and dumped leaves and limbs everywhere. Here's a link to my shots from the tornado aftermath:


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